Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience manufacturing Children’s Indoor Play Centres and Managing our own play centres, we are able to offer our customers a Comprehensive Children’s Entertainment Advisory Service.
Whether you already have a clear idea about what you want or you are still thinking about it and how to orient your space for kid’s entertainment, we can help orient and focus your business.

What do I need to invest in order to make this work?

What licenses do I need and how should I go about registering my new business?

What structural improvements or changes do I need to make and how should I fix up and refurbish my premises?

What kind of structures and games should I include in order to achieve the best performance and make it as entertaining as possible for the kids?

 How many people and with what educational or training background will I need to hire? How much will the monthly fixed costs be?

What should I do to make the parents feel at home while their kids are playing? What sort of area should I set up for them and what should I provide them

How should I publicise my business?

Where can I host my Web page and what should I do in order to assure that it reaches the right audience?

What sort of promotions and marketing campaigns should I carry out?

We will be glad to provide answers to all of these questions, along with personal service adapted to each customer, space and budget.

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