fabricación y venta parques de bolas

1. Multiaventura provides a wide variety of fully modular children’s indoor play areas: children’s play structures and baby parks, especially designed for children 1-3 years old; bouncy castles, zone goal, outdoor play areas………

2. We offer  manufacturing according to the needs of each customer.

3. Our products are guaranteed to have a minimum product durability of ten years, which will enable you to recuperate your investment.

4. We can install your play structure in one or two days. We are the only manufacturer of children’s indoor play areas able to do this due to our innovative manufacturing system.

5. We include a manual and instructions for assembly. You can even assemble the structures yourself.

We are pioneers in the manufacture of completely modular children’s play structures which are adaptable to any space. All of our products offer quality, safety and competitive prices.

  • parque-amezua
  • Parque Manzanares 3m
  • Parque infantil de interior modelo Manzanares de 2 metros corto
  • Parque infantil de interior modelo Manzanares de 2 metros
  • parques infantiles multiaventura Eco-2
  • parques infantiles multiaventura ECO 1