Our highly-qualified operators will make the installation and handle all maintenance tasks and necessary repairs to the play area structure.
You can request a one-off repair or hire our Multiaventura maintenance services.(Inspection and Maintenance of Play Areas, according to the Regulation EN.1176).
According to this new regulation, inspections should be as follows:

1. Visual Inspection: the supplier will deliver a maintenance book to the customer who will appoint a person to be in charge of filling in the visual inspection sections every other day of the week. This person will notify the supplier about any possible problems detected while making the above mentioned inspections.

2. Functional inspection: This will be done by checking the functioning and stability of the equipment twice a year.

3. Annual Inspection: Equipment safety will be checked and as well as any possible variation since the last inspection.

What should be Inspected:
– The level of the ball pit, which should not be less than 30 cm.
– The securing and fastening of the structures’ platforms.
– Entrapment risks.
– Nuts, bolts and fastening or hold-down systems.
– Securely placed metal clamps
– Things which have been added on or customised (by the owner or a third party).

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