• Measurements of the play area: 9.53 x 3.82 x 3.10 m
  • Height necessary for mounting: 3.20
  • Surface: 60.30 m2
  • Capacity according to UNE EN 1176-10:2008: 82 children
  • Games:
  • Ground floor: 2 units of Snake Forest (22 units), Spider Web, Revolving Door, Vertical Squeezer, Forest of different sized balls with 4 units, Mouse Trap, 2 units of 90 cm high Punching Bags, Buoy, 2 Hanging beaded door curtains accessing the ball pit, 2 units of 2m bar with 4 rings, 2m Zigzag Passageway, Elevator up to the first floor, 10 m2 Ball pit with 5,000 multicolour balls, Rope Ladder for access to first floor ball pit.

  • First floor: 2 units Punching Bag: 90 cm high, Buoy, Spinning parallelepiped, 2m V Bridge, 2m Transparent tube, Tunnel with straight stretch of 1,50m + 90 ° “elbow”-bend, Horizontal Squeezer, 2 units soft figures (triangles, cubes, animals) anchored to the floor, 2 units Open Straight Slide for a drop of 1.50 m, 2 units of Targets in the ball pit.