• Measurements of the play area: 6.93 x 3.82 x 3.10 m
  • Height necessary for mounting: 3.20 m
  • Surface: 44.14 m2
  • Capacity according to UNE EN 1176-10:2008: 60 children
  • Games:
  • Ground floor: 2 units of Snake Forest (22 units), Spider Web, Vertical Squeezer, Boxing Bag: 90 cm high, Buoy, 2 Hanging beaded door curtains accessing the ball pit, 2m Zigzag Passageway, Elevator up to the first floor, 8.8 m2 Ball pit with 4,500 multicolour balls, Rope Ladder to reach the first-floor access to the ball pit.

  • First floor: Punching Bag: 90 cm high, Spinning parallelepiped, 2m V Bridge, 1.5m Transparent tube, Horizontal Squeezer, 2 units 1.5m bar with 3 rings, 2 units soft figures (triangles, cubes, animals) anchored to the floor, 2 units Open Straight Slide for a drop of 1.50 m, 2 units of Targets in the ball pit.