• Measurements of the play area: 6.93 x 2.71 x 4.65 m
  • Height necessary for mounting: 4.75 m
  • Surface: 33.46 m2
  • Capacity according to UNE EN 1176-10:2008: 43 children
  • Games:
  • Ground floor: 1 Dangly Snake Forest (10 units), Spider Web, 1 Punching Bag: 90 cm high, Elevator up to the first floor, 10.33 m2 Ball Pit with 5,000 80mm multicolour balls. 2 entrances to the ball pit with beaded curtains.

  • First floor: Spinning parallelepiped, 4 units soft figures anchored to the floor. Elevator up to the 2nd floor, 2 units of Targets in the ball pit.
  • Second floor: Horizontal Squeezer, Forest of different sized balls (3 units), Closed Spiral Slide with a drop of two “floors” into a Ball Pit.